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The canal opened up waterborne trade and left Portadown ideally situated to take full advantage of the trading routes. Opened in 1958 it, plus a further 57 other bunkers spread throughout Northern Ireland, would have been used to monitor and report the effects of a Nuclear Attack. Thereafter, Gilmore remained a significant left wing figure within the republican movement.

Hockey, based at Edenvilla Park, Bachelors Walk, Portadown. Who had been in the area since before the 13th century. This replaced Lurgan Hospital and the Carleton Maternity Hospital in Church Street as the primary source of care for the town. The current bridge has been widened twice since it was built. Bacon curing by McCammons and Sprotts. Leader during the 1920s and 1930s. Off the Bann bridge and they either drowned or were shot. Today it is administered jointly by the Museum Services and the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre at Oxford Island.

It was at the site of a former sports facility on what was then the western edge of town. The Canal was the first summit level canal in Britain and Ireland and has 14 locks between its entrance at Carlingford Lough and Lough Neagh. It became known as Carrickblacker, and is now the site of Portadown Golf Club. These marches, and the raising of these flags and arches near the homes of Catholic families, continues to be a source of tension and sometimes violence. The part of the town on the west of the Bann is in Drumcree parish, while the part of the town on the east of the Bann is in Seagoe parish. The bunker was restored and opened as a museum in 2010 by members of the Royal Observer Corps Association. Was built in 1814, and replaced the many previous church foundations dating from circa the 7th century, which existed in the ancient cemetery of Seagoe some one hundred yards distant.

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This was likely a fort of the McCanns. Who was instrumental in setting up Armagh Plantetarium. In the 1990s, the dispute intensified and drew worldwide attention to Portadown. The Newry Canal Way is a fully accessible restored canal towpath now usable as a bicycle route between Newry Town Hall and the Bann Bridge in Portadown. There were also a number of small industries related to farming and agriculture, like packing and distribution of eggs, butter, poultry and apples. She was born in England but relocated at age 11 to Portadown and was educted at Portadown College.

Gaelic football is played by Tír na nÓg GAA Club. Killed 25 people: 18 Catholic civilians, three Protestant civilians, two members of the security forces, a republican paramilitary and a loyalist paramilitary. And these large concrete buildings dominated the skyline on the west of the town centre. Politician who served MP for Upper Bann till his death, and was tipped to be a future party leader. This church has a tall clock tower and stands in a commanding position at the centre of the town. The material near this tag relies on an unreliable source. This claim needs references to reliable sources.

Nuclear Monitoring Bunker in Northern Ireland. Many of the Blacker family were soldiers or churchmen. He was a highly influential figure within the film industry and also wrote a number of books on the topic. This new station was complete in late 2012. However, a fairly accurate population count can be arrived at by combining the data of the electoral wards that make up Portadown. Its future is uncertain due to funding difficulties. Each year, a group of teenagers are chosen to travel to the United States, where they stay with an American family for a few weeks.

This led to the construction of the first bridge on the Bann River shortly thereafter.

Married Millicent Sparrow in 1822 and came into possession of the estate.

Between 1946 and 1989 in Watson Street, Edenderry, adjacent to the Victorian Railway Station which was closed in the 1970s. Bridge Street and Northway are both road bridges and there is a railway bridge beside the Northway. Marches through the mainly Catholic part of town, which has often led to violence. Church in Levaghery and meeting hall on Fitzroy Street. Surgeon and founder of an Australian political dynasty. And partly precipitated the revenge attacks carried out in Ireland several years later by the forces of Oliver Cromwell.